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John Vigiano....Joe Vigiano's Brother....The true towers that stood so tall and went in freely to save others...How many are here today because of the sacrifice they made? I knew Joe very well. He had spoken to me and talked me into becoming a member of the Dupont Vest Survivors club after my accident. He had been shot TWICE in the line of duty prior to the attacks...and still served. I remember his Father (who served on the NYC Fire Department as well)...coming to the site every single day looking for John and Joe. Never stopping...never wavering. I would watch this man comfort others while he went through his unimaginable pain. He says he is thankful becasue he got to say I love you....and hear I love you just before they were taken away so early...so unfairly. I also remember the medal day at the NYPD with Joe's little girl walking across the stage with the Medal of Honor around her neck....Joe's wife also served as an NYPD Officer....no family should have ever have to sacrifice so much. I also knew Stephen Driscoll from the NYPD and Carlos Lilo from NYC EMS...worked with him prior to becoming a cop...Such a hard day seeing all of this...remembering all of this....yet so important. I had avoided going back for so long....


Stinging Reminder

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9-11 service information

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Ronald "Ronbo" Ouellette (1943-2013)

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CODE 3 OFFICER NEEDS ASSISTANCE DOCUMETARY Project -- This powerful documentary will explore the darker side of law enforcement as it tells the stories of police officers and their families who are now suffering the mental anguish of the careers they chose, which has led some to suicide.
The number one killer of police officers is Suicide.

Please consider supporting CODE 9 Officer Needs Assistance documentary video project.

I'm the founder of Policevets.Org. A site for retired and disabled law enforcement officers.

SUICIDE -The fallen and those at risk are my brothers and sisters. Shortly after I launched the website. A retired officer sat with a gun in his lap. He reached out by calling me. After several tense hours on the phone, he put the gun down. I didn't know where he was or who he was at that time. 7 1/2 years have passed and he still calls to let me know he is still fighting the battle, but that it hasn't claimed him.

Many years earlier an officer reached up to me, but never told me why he called. I only realized he was reaching out when I was informed of his death.

This documentary will provide opportunities for troubled officers to reach out for help and for the community to help them. 

A Police Officers Guide and Handbook to Tactical Casualty Care (Under Fire): First Aid and Self First Aid for Law Enforcement (Volume 1)

A Police Officers Guide and Handbook to Tactical Casualty Care (Under Fire):
First Aid and Self First Aid for Law Enforcement (Volume 1)

Its a Dangerous Job

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Police Pension

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"...law enforcement officers today often retire earlierand under far different circumstances than their civilian counterparts.“
Oct 2009 FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

Police Retirement Article


Other Articles by John Violanti, PHD.


Living with the sacrifice: Catastrophically-injured officers



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